Restless Empire is a reissue record company founded by two music enthusiasts and based on both sides of the Channel. Our goal is to highlight records and artist we love, we are mostly focused on the 80's and the sound that shaped our musical culture.

We truly love these records and sincerely respect the artists and labels we are working with. We want to support them as much as possible and we hope to succeed in transmitting their music to the new generation of musics lovers created by the return of vinyl records.

All releases are of course official licensed reissues, they are limited editions which allows us to work on more releases and with different bands, may they be very well known or totally obscur.

We currently can't do mail order. If you can't find our releases in your local record store, they are also available on few online stores. Among others you should try our distributors / shop partners in All Ages Records (UK), Destructure (France), Scarecrow (Greece), Shiny Beast (NL), Sounds Of Subterrania (Germany).

If the vinyl you are looking for is not on their website it's probably because it's sold out from us. Then you should try and hopefully will you find the nugget you are looking for at a reasonnable price.

Again we are focused on reissues, so please don't try to get in touch with us to submit new music. Of course it would be very flattering if you think of us as a potential label for your band's new recording release, but we have to be realistic and we don't have the structure that would allow us to give all the support that an artist needs for his new release.